How do women at all levels of organizations perceive their in-company women’s networks?

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This research provides insight into how women at all levels of an organization perceive their in-company women’s network and what they think it should look like in order to be of value to them. It is a deductive case study, with Alliander as the case organization in the energy sector. Fourteen interviews were conducted amongst women at all function levels of Alliander. Based on women’s perceptions, recommendations are given in order to develop a valuable network. Theoretical concepts ‘in-company’s women’s network’ and ‘perceptions’ by Donnellon and Langowitz (2009) and De Meuse and Hostager (2001) are used. Existing literature on in-company women's networks is often focused on career-oriented women. This research, however, adds to the literature by including all women. It shows that the interests and needs of women at various levels differ. To fulfil these needs, the network's events should vary. Also, it is important to clarify the network elements and to consider women’s perceptions of the elements in order to be of value. This research is limited by the number of interviewees. Also, it took place within the energy sector, which might influence women’s perceptions because of the masculine organizational culture. Future research should include more women and (non-)network members to have more diversity in the interviewees group, and to investigate whether the research outcomes apply to organizations in other sectors.
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