Experiences with multimodal travelling on campus Heijendaal

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Multimodal traveling – combining different modes of transportation instead of solely the car - can solve car problems at campus Heijendaal. Duurzaam Bereikbaar Heijendaal has tried out a pilot to promote multimodal commuting for employees of the major institutions on campus as an alternative to private car commuting. This research seeked out to analyze how the satisfaction of mono- and multimodal traveling experiences within this pilot study differ. For a broader understanding of what contributes to an experience, this research used a holistic perspective of Carreira et al. (2013). Such understanding of experience could provide useful insights which can enhance customer loyalty and change traveling behavior. From the 117 responses from the survey 76 travelers (65%) tried out the multimodal route at least once. When comparing the satisfaction of mono- and multimodal trips, the multimodal trips were rated higher. Whereas most travelers were neutral or moderate about the experience factors (travel time, costs, comfort and activities in vehicle) in monomodal traveling, most travelers in multimodal traveling were very satisfied about the factors. In the end, the results of this research offered promising prospects of more multimodal traveling in the future.
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