"A start at opening the black box of the audit practice "

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"Over the course of the last two decades, there were multiple big audit scandals. As a result, society created more rules, for the audit. The past shows us that making more rules will not prevent these scandals. This thesis makes a start at opening the black box of the audit practice, by researching the complex nature of the process of risk assessment from an interpretive perspective drawing on actor-network theory. Within this process, the concepts inherent risk, control risk, and detection risk are translated from their theoretical definitions into the audit practice. The results show that inherent risk and control risk are translated to practice through continuous negotiations between the engagement leader and the audit team. Control risk and inherent risk become part of the practical world, after the engagement leader puts them in the IT-system. This IT-system determines the order of this process. Then the IT system determines how many the substantive procedures the audit team have to perform to mitigate the detection risk. This makes the IT-system as well as the engagement leader both obligatory passages points in the network, in order to translate inherent risk, control risk and detection risk from theory to the audit practice."
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