Combining Shared Mobility & Housing for more space, greenery and playgrounds: feasible or utopia?

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Car ownership and car use in its current form has many negative consequences for our quality of life. Shared mobility can potentially contribute to a solution to these problems. In this study, an attempt was made to investigate to what extent integrating shared mobility in housing projects can stimulate the use of shared mobility. By means of a case study of the Hogekwartier district in Amersfoort, it was examined which factors are essential for a sufficient and successful use of shared mobility and which instruments can be used to steer this development. The factors public transport, active parking regime, behavioural change, mobility mix, target groups, early stage adaptation and the price effect play an enormous role in this. In conclusion, this research shows that the integration of shared mobility in housing projects could potentially be a good way to stimulate the use of shared mobility. To date, it has proved difficult to get residents to use shared mobility. To incentivize the use of shared mobility, it is extremely important that municipalities and developers create the right preconditions and that the most important factors are taken into account at all times.
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