Creative collaborations on regional scale. A research about the experiences of regional collaboration of cultural and creative industries

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The emergence of fifteen stedelijke cultuurregio’s (Urban Cultural Regions) identified a process of regionalization in the Dutch arts and cultural field. A stedelijke cultuurregio can form a cultural ecosystem, in which artists, cultural institutions and governments (state, provinces and municipalities) work closely together and are able to respond to the needs of the population. The aim of this study is to gain qualitative insights into the relationships between stakeholders in regional collaborations of cultural and creative industries (CCIs). To do so, fifteen cultural profiles and two policy documents are analyzed, along with interviewing eighteen stakeholders of UCRs in Landsdeel Oost. In this study, Landsdeel Oost embodies the five stedelijke cultuurregio’s (UCRs) in the east of the Netherlands. The interviews explored the experiences from and views of these different stakeholders within the UCR context and in general, as regional collaborations are not only bounded to emergence of UCRs. Collaboration processes can be an enabling tool for the convergence of objectives (such as reaching more audiences) of CCIs within the same area. By meeting each other in formal and informal spheres in these processes, trust can be built which is a crucial part of collaborating. The emergence of UCRs embody a kind of urgency, through which more CCIs in the same areas have found each other.
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