How translocal networks empower transformative community led actions? Case study of ECOLISE

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In response to the societal and environmental challenges of our time, groups of citizens all over the world have deployed creative and innovative activities. Alongside their developpement, the birth of translocal networks aim to connect these communities together. This thesis questions how translocal networks empower transformative community led actions. It is composed of four sub questions that are concerned with the structure, activities and barriers of translocal networks. A specific case study was selected: ECOLISE, the European Network of Sustainable Communities. ECOLISE was investigated following three concepts: diffusion, psychological empowerment and political support. Results highlight that translocal networks have unique and future-fit organizational structures. Moreover, 7 empowering activities have emerged from the case study. Alongside, the results pointed out a number of barriers. While some barriers are internal and can be overcome, others are external and thus independent from the efforts of the network. The thesis concludes in three main ways in which a translocal network, supporting transformative community led actions, empower its members. Finally, theoretical and methodological reflections are presented at the end, as well as practical recommendations and recommendations for further research. As regards to the theoretical reflections, an attempt to contribute to an existing theory is presented.
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