From Legislation to Practice: Crafting a Blueprint for Participation in Project Procedures

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On July 14 2023, the First Chamber in the Netherlands agreed with the implementation of the environmental act on the 1st of January 2024. Participation is one of the main principles in this act. However, the description lacks of specificity, causing organisations to struggle finding the right approach and strategy on involving participants. This research combines the project procedure under the new act and participation. The main goal is to determine What key considerations should be taken into account by organisers when planning participation in the initial phases of a project procedure under the New Environmental Act? Building on academic literature and relevant discourses on participation, the research uses content analysis on the notification of participation in the early stages of the project procedure and the new act, semi-structured interviews with clients and contractors to gather insights for organising participation in the future. Examples of identified key considerations are the local context, inflexibility between clients and contractors and facilitating a careful process. The difference in what is mandatory and what is possible creates new opportunities for organisations to expand their participation strategies with new approaches. The most important consideration is that a thought-through process will lead to the desired outcome.
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