Oganizational sustainability & The covid pandemic in an international organization

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The current covid literature shows contrary findings of the impact of the covid pandemic on sustainability. To gain a better understanding of how the covid pandemic has influenced organizational sustainability, a qualitative research has been conducted. We carried out eighteen interviews with employees throughout a Dutch international store chain and we used discourse analysis for analysing the data. We conclude that employees understand sustainability within the company as principles/activities that are being pursued by the organization. The employees clarified that sustainability within the company is very important, however, there seems to be a deviation concerning the discourse on sustainability, since it seems that sustainability is not a common topic of conversation. Furthermore, the pandemic probably had an indirect influence on the importance of organizational sustainability. The employees experienced a change which has led to either a growth of importance or concernment. These findings contribute to the literature on organizational sustainability (discourse), extreme contexts and the covid literature, since it provided new insights concerning the influence of the covid pandemic. Organizations should take the possibility of changes concerning organizational sustainability discourse into account, and encourage the conversation on organizational sustainability, to enhance a general understanding, to prevent for sustainability development delays.
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