Ideal structure design for primary school SamSam

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The range of tasks of primary school teachers is increasing and the expectations of the children’s parents are increasing. Teachers experience a lot of work-related stress and do not feel sufficiently supported by the government. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. Teachers experience little autonomy in their work and feel more concerned with administrative work than with teaching. This is unfortunate because many have become teachers for the sake of teaching and not for administrative work, in this way the passion for the subject disappears. These circumstances make it interesting to take a different perspective on this problem: a structural perspective. A large part of work-related stress can be caused by how the organization is structured. This research took a structural perspective on the basis of De Sitter's theory as described by Achterbergh & Vriens and Kuipers, Amelsvoort & Kramer. On the basis of the works of these authors, I carried out a diagnosis at three different schools to find out how their structure works and what consequences this has for the work of the teachers. These diagnoses showed that a difference in structure can have an effect on the perceived autonomy and work related stress of teachers. Therefore, these diagnoses laid the foundation for the final new design for primary school SamSam
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