Stakeholders’ views on rewilding de Veluwe

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With the project Rewilding de Veluwe, ARK Natuurontwikkeling wants to restore nature in the southern part of the Veluwe to create more dynamic and resilient ecosystems. ARK does not own any land in the project area, so they need to work together with stakeholders to make their plans succeed. This led to the following research question: ‘How diverse are the views of stakeholders related to the project Rewilding de Veluwe on the goal of this project and the strategies to achieve this goal?’ After doing interviews with Staatsbosbeheer, the municipality of Arnhem, Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen (GLK), and Natuurmonumenten and spreading a survey among local citizens, an answer to this question could be given. Most visions of ARK and the stakeholders are very similar like on the idea of connecting nature reserves. On some points the organisations are clashing with each other, for instance some stakeholders indicate that they are not ready for the introduction of large herbivores. In conclusion, most of the visions of ARK and the stakeholders are matching very well and maybe, the collaboration between all the organisations may lead to a collectively rewilding plan were everyone wants to be part of.
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