Welk boek zullen we eens lezen? Onderzoek naar de leesattitude en boekkeuze (voor de leeslijst) van vierdejaars havo- en vwo-leerlingen na aanprijzing van boeken door een bibliotheekmedewerker

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Many things are being done to promote reading literature these days. Not only parents and teachers try to get children to read, libraries also participate in this noble task. But how do we know if all this effort has any effect? In this research, the effect of a particular intervention is measured, using surveys on 4-havo and 4- vwo students. Firstly, the students’ reading attitude was measured. Secondly, the intervention took place (a library employee pitched five books, suitable for reading for school). Finally, the reading attitude was measured a second time and the students noted which book they had chosen to read for their school reading list. The results show that the intervention does not have a significant effect on the students’ reading attitude. However, more than half of the students have chosen one of the five pitched books to read for their school reading list. There are no significant differences between girls and boys, between havo and vwo students or between well-read or less well-read students. There is, however, a relationship between the assessment of the intervention and the effect of this intervention. The more positive the students assessed the intervention, the more effect it has. More research is needed to draw better conclusions.
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