Adapting to Regulation: Managers’ Perceptions and Responses to Evolving Regulations in Global Supply Chains

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In a time when supply chains are becoming more globally interconnected, businesses are having to deal with upcoming mandatory public regulations. The growing literature on mandatory public regulation views organizations as homogeneous entities, ignoring the internal complexities and the heterogeneous nature of organizations. Questions arise such as how do different actors within large organizations perceive these developments in mandatory public regulation? Are there any tensions that arise? And how are these then managed? This research offers a comprehensive qualitative single case study of a large organization in the beverage sector, demonstrating how various organizational members perceive and manage developing mandatory regulation. It finds that tension exists between financial demands and responsible business practices, and demonstrates various strategies managers have used to address this. This research demonstrates the complexity and heterogeneity of organizations and gives an understanding of differing perspectives, tension, and strategies regarding public regulation developments. By considering the complexity and heterogeneity of organizations policymakers and other similar managers in similar organizations within the beverage sector may use these insights to improve the effectiveness in navigating the developments of complex regulatory environments.
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