Dual land use in the Food Valley region: Assessing and evaluating in what ways dual land use can be adopted by farmers in the Food Valley

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This study focusses on the perception of farmers in the Food Valley, aimed at the extent to which farmers in this region believe that dual land use policies can be adopted. By applying a literature review, reference study and in-depth interviews this study provides an in-depth understanding on this phenomenon. The findings of this study propose several different challenges that will prohibit the adoption of dual land use policies in the Food Valley, despite a general willingness that exists among farmers. This study highlights that farmers experiences different legal constraints when wanting to adopt dual land use measures. This study also shows that the relationship between consumers and the agricultural sector is weakening. is because the agricultural sector is aware of the pressure that consumers put on farmers to change and become more environmentally friendly. However, farmers also believe that consumers are generally not willing to pay for the demands they make. As a consequence, this study highlights that farmers are often not considered resistant towards adopting dual land use measures. Therefore, the government has to implement several changes before farmers in the Food Valley can be considered non-resistant towards dual land use policies.
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