Discovering stakeholder capabilities in the local tourism industry

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In order to tackle the complex network of interrelated stakeholders, stakeholder marketing has been introduced as a concept which might facilitate firms to define their most important stakeholders, and address them accordingly with specific organizational capabilities that are focused on managing stakeholders. Three specific stakeholder marketing capabilities have been proposed, namely systems thinking, paradoxical thinking, and democratic thinking. However, this is mainly a theoretical concept until now, it is now yet known what these capabilities look like and how they work in practice. Therefore, this research aimed to answer this explorative research question by conducting interviews within the two stakeholder networks of Texel and Vinkeveen. This was done by gathering data via a total of seven semi-structured interviews with organizations from both stakeholder networks, as well as by observations made for three days at the company the Driving Force, which aims to implement a network innovation in both stakeholder networks. The development of the capabilities was analysed by focusing on the four dimensions of an organizational capability - employee knowledge and skills, technical systems, managerial systems, and norms and values. The results show that a different level of development across the capabilities and across the different companies was found. The theoretical and practical implications of the results are discussed.
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