The effect of homeownership rates on development time of housing developments in the Netherlands

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The housing crisis in the Netherlands is characterized by an escalating demand for homes. This demand is set against a backdrop of considerable delays in housing development, a situation that is increasingly becoming a major concern. While there are many factors contributing to these delays, a significant portion of research in this field attributes these setbacks primarily to strict land-use regulations. One particular area of interest, which has not been extensively explored, is the potential impact of homeownership rates in the vicinity of proposed developments. There is a common perception among homeowners that new residential developments could negatively affect the value of their properties. This research delves into this aspect by using government data to conduct an exhaustive analysis of how homeownership rates in an area might influence the progress of housing developments. This investigation aims to provide a more nuanced understanding of the dynamics at play in housing development delays in the Netherlands. The following research question is composed for this purpose: “What is the effect of homeownership rates on development time of housing developments in the Netherlands?” Multivariate analysis will be used to find a possible causal relationship between the variables. Keywords: Housing crisis, delay, development time, land-use regulations, homeownership rates, homevoters
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