The Effect of Digital Nudging on Resistance to Sustainable Innovations. A study exploring the effect of nudging on resistance to sustainable innovations and if this differs across generation X and generation Y.

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The concept of sustainability has garnered widespread recognition as a central and highly significant concern of our time. Despite the potential benefits they offer for achieving a more sustainable way of life, innovative solutions are not invariably embraced wholeheartedly by consumers and are often met with initial resistance. Previous research concluded that digital nudging exerts a mitigating effect on resistance to sustainable innovations. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of digital nudging to alleviate resistance towards sustainable innovations is still in its developing stages. Another aspect that may influence resistance to sustainable innovations is generational differences since there are significant disparities in the propensity of generation X and Y embracing innovations. However, empirical research examining the influence of digital nudging on generational differences within innovation adoption is currently lacking. This thesis aims to investigate the impact of digital nudging on reducing resistance to sustainable innovations, while also examining how this effect may vary between generation X and Y. A total of 286 Dutch respondents were randomly assigned to one of four conditions in a 2x2 between-subjects design of an online experiment. The findings indicate that digital nudging is ineffective to reduce resistance to sustainable innovations in this sample. Furthermore, the effect of digital nudging to reduce resistance does not differ between the chosen generations. The study concludes with a comprehensive discussion of the research limitations and suggestions for future investigations in this field.
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