Acoustic Territories as Sites of Memory - Case Study: City of Zadar, Croatia

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The aim of this research is to investigate and explore the nature and functions of acoustic territories as sites of memory. First, it looks into diverse notions of sounds including the idea of acoustic territories and uses the latter to create a working methodology for the study of three acoustic territories within the city of Zadar, Croatia: the sea organ, St. Mary’s church and Caffe Bar Illy. Because the sounds emerging from these territories contain a vast amount of information regarding the history, past and memories of Zadar, this work also reflects on the notions of history, memory and sites of memory, and the particularities of the latter. Subsequently, this work analyses the presence of the acoustic territories of Zadar in each of the three realms —material, functional and symbolic— which compose a site of memory. Finally, combining research on sonic and memory theories, official discourses and popular culture, and a mixed-method approach, this research proposes an expanded perspective on how acoustic territories can function as sites of memory. Moreover, it draws inferences that can be of general use for acoustic territories when they function as sites of memory.
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