The effects of different explicit COO strategies in food advertising.

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In the area of advertising, different cues play an important role in the attitude consumers have towards a product. Previous research has shown that by communicating the country of origin or COO of a product, the quality perception that consumers have may change because of the different qualities and values they connect to a certain country (Bilkey & Nes, 1982). While the general effect of communicating a COO has been researched previously, the different manners in which a COO can be communicated had not yet been compared adequately. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to compare the effects of different COO strategies on product and brand evaluations. In the present study, Italian pasta and Norwegian salmon were compared, along with three COO strategies. Participants saw two advertisements, each containing a different product and COO strategy. They filled in a questionnaire, researching their attitude towards the advertisement, attitude towards the product, purchase intention and perceived product quality. The results showed that different COO markers influence product attitude and advertisement attitude, particularly in the case of Norwegian salmon. A possible explanation for this result lies in the fact that participants buy pasta more regularly than salmon. The different strategies also influenced perceived product quality, while having no effect on purchase intention for both salmon and pasta.
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