Crowdsourcing Contests and Potential Participants Underlying reasons for participation and inhibiting factors

dc.contributor.advisorWidyanto, H
dc.contributor.authorFailla, Andrea
dc.description.abstractThis study investigates the motivating and inhibiting factors of graphic designers who have never engaged in crowdsourcing design contests, thus considered potential participants. With this purpose, this research made use of a qualitative approach, involving 9 in-depth semi-structured interviews with three groups of respondents selected with a generation criterion. Specifically, this study took into consideration Gen Z, Gen Y, and Gen X. The current study compared informants’ answers with the aim of understanding whether the respondents of younger generations are more extrinsically motivated than respondents belonging to older generations. The results highlight that potential participants’ motivations to partake in crowdsourcing contests do not differ across generations in terms of a prevalence of intrinsic over extrinsic motivating factors and vice versa. However, there are differences in terms of the specific extrinsic and intrinsic motivating factors preferred by the different generation groups. Specifically, Gen Z respondents display a preference for non-monetary reward and positively value the possibility to improve their creative skills during a contest, while older generations prefer monetary rewards and are typically motivated by a sense of curiosity. These findings have direct implications for the design of crowdsourcing contests in order to attract specific age groups of graphic designers.en_US
dc.thesis.facultyFaculteit der Managementwetenschappenen_US
dc.thesis.studyprogrammeMaster Business Administrationen_US
dc.titleCrowdsourcing Contests and Potential Participants Underlying reasons for participation and inhibiting factorsen_US
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