Water and terrorism : Using Dutch water systems as a target

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Throughout history wars have been upon humans. Whether they were small disputes or large world wars, often some sort of relationship with water is present. Poisoning a well by throwing a corps into its depth or puncturing a flood defence and creating such circumstances that troops could barely proceed are only two examples. However, since the last century a different ‘enemy’ has seriously stepped onto the stage of war. These so called terrorists have not only the potential to spread destruction, but more so fear. Terrorism is not about killing, it is about impact (personal communication E. Bakker, 2013). This impact directed at the second most important element after oxygen in life, being water, is worth investigating. In the Netherlands it is especially of interest as the country lies under sea level while it is often seen as a legitimate target for international orientated jahidistic groups and networks (personal communication “Mijke”(AIVD), 2013). This because of the Dutch politional and military presence in Afghanistan and other Islamic countries. On jihadistic webforums the Netherlands is depicted as discriminating against moslims. But to what extent is the terrorist threat directed at watersystems in the Netherlands realistic, is it identified by the authorities and which measures are taken against these threats?
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