Desiderata of a state in Burkina Faso and Mali

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This master thesis explores the activities that non-state organizations Sahelp and MINUSMA carry out in, respectively, Burkina Faso and Mali. This research shows that Burkina Faso and Mali share similarities. By adopting document analysis, I found that Sahelp and MINUSMA engage in various sets of activities. I argue that Sahelp and MINUSMA promote a state’s desiderata, desired practices, by performing supplementary state practices. Academics have illustrated that various non-state actors, ranging from criminal actors to NGOs, can perform the state, which I linked to these non-state organizations practicing the state. I conclude that Sahelp and MINUSMA carry out state-performing activities that pertain to verticality and encompassment by conducting an anthropological approach. Using content analysis, I deduced the desiderata of a state promoted by Sahelp’s activities. With the use of disjunctive comparison, per inspiration by Lazar (2012), I discovered that both non-state organizations engage in state-performing activities in a similar context but promote different desiderata of a state. Sahelp promotes the notion that the state should care for its citizens, while MINUSMA encourages the idea of a managed territory. These characteristics of state practices are acknowledged with a political science and international relations approach.
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