Evaluating the Sector Choice of Afghan Refugee Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands A Narrative Study on Sector-Choice of Afghan Refugee Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

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The success of refugee entrepreneurs often seems to be disappointing. The reason is that refugee entrepreneurs often operate in congested sectors. This study aimed to evaluate the sector choice of refugee entrepreneurs. More specifically, it examined whether push and pull factors influence the sector choice of Afghan refugee entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Afghan refugees were the second largest group of refugees that requested asylum in 2021 in the Netherlands, but they have received little attention in research in recent years because of the large wave of Syrian refugees. Fifteen life stories were analyzed, providing insight into the push and pull factors Afghan refugees experience to start as entrepreneurs. Moreover, several factors were found to influence the choice of sector. Push and pull factors were found to have no influence on the choice of sector. However, knowledge and network appeared to be the most important factors for many Afghan refugees for their sector choice. Afghan refugee entrepreneurs appear to be very dependent on their network and the knowledge they have, especially in the beginning, which has a great influence on the sector in which they start their business.
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