A New Measurement Instrument to Measure Satisfaction of Fertility Patients

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The purpose of this research was to improve the currently used patient satisfaction instrument for fertility patients in the Netherlands. The goal was to make the questionnaire parsimonious by reducing the number of questions, accompanied by the reformulation of items and conversion of questions to statements, and the implementation of metric answer scales. A data set for the existing questionnaire for fertility patients has been analyzed using reliability analyses and face validity. Subsequently, the questionnaire has been thoroughly assessed with the help of several experts, looking at the formulation of the questions – both in choice of wording and the nature of the question – as well as the type of answer scales that have been used. Thereafter the parsimonious questionnaire has been tested with the use of a reliability analysis and a confirmatory factor analysis. The item reduction has led to a decrease in size of more than 25%. The interpretability of the questionnaire has been improved by a reduction of items, the improvement of item formulation and the implementation of metric answer scales. By implementing metric answer scales, it is now possible to perform necessary analyses which are needed in order for hospitals to interpret the outcomes of the questionnaire and to make improvement plans for the provided healthcare. The improved questionnaire proved to have good validity and reliability.
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