Globalization of popular culture: Kpop in an American dominated world.

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Kpop, or Korean pop music, and other Korean popular culture have become increasingly popular worldwide. Globalization, sometimes mistakenly thought of as Americanization, may have been started by the United States and it may be dominated by the United States but South Korea has definitely succeeded in making its mark since the turn of the century when their popular culture and technology started becoming more and more popular on a global level. The unique Kpop industry and the way Korean popular culture has been globalized are fascinating and very different from the American music industry and the way American popular culture has been globalized. This thesis will demonstrate that (1) the process where a country’s popular culture goes global does not have to be the same for every country as two countries can come from entirely different backgrounds and go through completely different processes but still end up with! a popula r culture that is enjoyed worldwide and (2) how the United States, once more or less dominating the global popular culture scene, is now being subjected to the popular culture of a country once unlikely to produce popular culture that would go beyond their own borders. Keywords: globalization, global popular culture, American popular culture, Americanization, Korean popular culture, Kpop, Hallyu
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