How does it work in the hybrid work situation? An investigation into the relationship between openness to new experiences and innovative work behaviour.

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Although previous studies have found a positive relationship between transformational leadership and intrapreneurial behavior, there is a need to examine this relationship in a context where employees feel isolated from their work. To gain this insight this study explores the moderating effect of work isolation on the effect of transformational leadership and intrapreneurial behavior. To execute this study, empirical data is collected in a Dutch municipality by means of a survey distributed among its employees. This study found no moderation effect of work isolation but also did not find a relationship at all between transformational leadership on intrapreneurial behavior. This study delivers a nuanced look on the effectiveness of transformational leadership as a driver for employee intrapreneurial behavior. This in a sense that one must be careful in automatically assuming that transformational leadership is effective as catalyst for intrapreneurial behavior and that the effectiveness is likely to be dependent on other factors than work isolation. The study did find a direct effect of work isolation on intrapreneurial behavior, implicating that managers who want to enhance their followers’ intrapreneurial behavior should take action to prevent or minimize employees’ feelings of work isolation.
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