Enabling Corporate Social Responsibility: Towards a better understanding and structural improvement of the incorporation of a CSR Strategy within a Dutch hybrid organisation

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CSR initiatives often lack a lasting impact on the technologies, products and growth plans of business’ operations and at the same time organisations struggle with increasing and more complex stakeholder’ demands of non-financial reporting. Recent research identifies hybrid organisations as promising actors with new business models to address ecological and social issues while remaining economically viable. The aim of this study is to get an understanding in the discussion of how a hybrid organisation is striving to make more (social) impact in the practices of a hybrid organisation. A Dutch case has been the subject of the study. In here, interviews with external and internal employees, two brainstorming sessions and document analyses were done to clarify current CSR practices and external expectations and internal perceptions on these practices. From the analysis, it became clear CSR should be included in daily practices for more impact and notably, the social dimension of CSR was mentioned to be missing structurally and should be given priority. However, certain dilemmas arise from this such as capacity issues and reputation damage. The last chapter presents the practical recommendations and can help similar organisations to realise more (social) impact in practice
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