Implementing TPM at Aviko Rixona: an institutional work perspective

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This study examines how institutional work was applied to make Total Productive Maintenance practices legitimate within Aviko Rixona Venray. Aviko Rixona is an food production company specialized in the manufacturing of dehydrated potato granules and potato flakes. The institutional work performed by the change agents was investigated using a single case study with qualitative semi-structured interviews. This research shows the development of the institutional work that took place during the implementation process. This institutional work led to changes in the legitimacy of TPM practices. The findings show that by using a broader set of institutional work and increasing its intensity, some TPM practices have ultimately gained greater legitimacy throughout the organization. Ultimately, one could speak of partial legitimacy of TPM practices within the organization, due to the institutional work that took place. This study mainly advances the literature on institutional work by paying attention to institutional work in the micro-institutional context such as companies and by paying attention to the full spectrum of institutional work. In addition, this research provides a more nuanced view on legitimacy by distinguishing between two legitimacy concepts, namely fragmented and partial legitimacy. Keywords: Aviko Rixona, institutional work, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), implementation process, legitimacy.
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