The Practice of Adoption: Promoting and constraining conditions for the adoption of the social practice of subirrigation in Stegeren

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Droughts are becoming an increasingly occurring phenomenon during the past years in The Netherlands. To tackle the consequences of drought, innovations in planning are necessary to adapt to these consequences. One way to test innovations in practice is in the form of pilot studies. In this research, the pilot study on subirrigation in Stegeren was tested and researched in the form of a case study by using interviews and observations. To adapt to the growing drought problem in the near future, the innovation of subirrigation has to be implemented on a larger scale, than the pilot study scale, to make this possible. However, implementing the innovation of subirrigation on a larger scale is, in practice, more difficult than thought. In this research the promoting and constraining conditions related to the upscaling of the innovation of subirrigation were investigated from a farmers' perspective in Stegeren, to ultimately develop a scaling strategy for the innovation of subirrigation. The social practice approach together with the social practice theory was used to gain knowledge about these promoting and constraining conditions. By using the social practice theory information on the promoting and constraining conditions related to the adoption of the practice of subirrigation in Stegeren was conducted.
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