The influence of HPWPs on the person-organizational fit and the moderating effect of job crafting in this relationship

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In this study, it is examined whether organizational resources in the form of high performance work practices (HPWPs) are related to the match between a person and the organization they work for (P-O fit). Subsequently it is assessed if this relationship is moderated by job crafting. Job crafting is analyzed as a possible enhancer, based on the Conservation of Resources (COR) theory in which employees show to be crucial actors with regards to resources. In this theory, job crafting reflects an approach in which employees constantly generate and reinvest resources. Results from a sample of 164 employees support the direct relation between the HPWPs and the P-O fit. All types of job crafting - increasing structural job resources, increasing social job resources, increasing challenging job demands, and decreasing hindering job demands - had no moderating effect on the relationship between HPWPs and the P-O fit. Nonetheless, three types of job crafting (increasing structural job resources, increasing challenging job demands, and decreasing hindering job demands) were directly related to a better experience of the P-O fit from an employee’ perspective. An additional analysis showed that a wide range of HPWPs in a company lead to greater deployment of job crafting. The findings thus show that job crafting does not have a moderating role, but act as a mediator in the relationship between HPWPs - P-O fit. This relationship is strengthened via job crafting when employees actively craft their job
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