Improving the sustainability strategies and performances in the private sector

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The private sector has the role and responsibility to be sustainable and contribute to achieving global goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Paris Agreement. Transparency of companies' sustainability is needed to see if they are actually contributing towards these global goals. In order to understand that the private sector is acting responsible and sustainable, the organization publishes reporting and sustainable information. However, questions arise whether companies are actually acting sustainably and how sustainable they are. Sustainability strategy and performance play a significant role in implementing sustainability. This research aims to evaluate companies’ sustainable strategies and performance to see how companies’ strategy influence their performance to contribute to the SDGs. In addition, this study gained insights into practical perspectives that influence organizations to become more sustainable and see the relationship on improving the company performance. Standards and regulations have been shown to help and advise what sustainability implementation should be considered, but the sustainability activity depends on the company. In addition to sustainability strategy and performance, organizations must take ambitious and valuable applications within the sustainability activities to encourage exemplary implementation and development. Hence, an ambitious sustainability strategy and target will influence the sustainability performance and outcome.
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