Building (in) the future with policy entrepreneurs

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Due to many changes in the policy field of spatial planning, such as the demand for sustainability and a healthy living environment, the spatial planning agenda in changing. There is a need for actors in policy work who are progressive and dare to implement change and decisions. Policy entrepreneurs are these actors who can make a difference. This research aims to answer the following question: How do the personal characteristics of policy entrepreneurship relate to the institutional factors that influence policy implementation? The results show that project members who possess the competences of being: decisive, steadfast, creative, accessible, uninhibited, contribute often entrepreneurial ideas and options for policy implementation. At a team level, complementarity of competences is a stimulating factor to allow space for policy entrepreneurship. When the team is aware of the characteristics and qualities within the team itself, it provides support and understanding inside the team. The actual effect and possibility to express policy entrepreneurship by individuals and teams, does depend on institutional factors as well: hierarchy, current policy, feasibility, and necessity. These external factors can be seen as accelerating or slowing down the process of policy entrepreneurship and - implementation.
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