The representation of the position of women and their values in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South and the BBC series North & South

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This thesis will discuss the novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell published in 1855 and the BBC series from 2004 of that novel called North & South. The novel and the series will both be analysed while looking at the representation of the position of women and their values. It will become clear that they both represent a number of Victorian women, but the main character Margaret cannot be called Victorian in everything that she does. She is presented as a stronger and more independent woman in both the novel and the series, but the series emphasises this even more than the novel does. This difference represents the way in which the nineteenth century and the twenty-first century look different at the women and their position. It shows a change that has happened in the century in between, because the position of women in the twenty-first century is much higher than before. By comparing the novel and the series, that has definitely become clear.
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