The importance of wind power community policies in Denmark and the Netherlands. 'Can Danish community policies help the development of wind energy in the Netherlands?'

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The focus of this thesis is on the role of community policies within the planning and siting of wind farms in Denmark and the Netherlands. While Denmark makes use of many different types of community policies and has little siting issues, the Netherlands has many siting issues and hardly involves the local community into participatory planning. During this research, it is argued that the use of community policies during wind energy planning, contributes significantly to the success of wind farm deployment. The main question of this thesis is: can Danish community policies help the development of wind energy in the Netherlands? Through analysing the current Dutch and Danish wind energy policies, institutional setting and historical development of wind power (desk-study) and engaging into empirical research through a survey (case-study) with the planning of an offshore wind farm building zone in the Netherlands, “Aanvulling gebied Hollandse kust”, the answer to the main question is researched in two ways. Moreover, a part of the analysis will focus on policy transfer to see if and in what way successful Danish community policies can be transferred to the Netherlands.
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