Foreign Language in Dutch Advertisements.

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In their pursuit of attracting consumers nowadays, Dutch advertisers use the COO marker ‘foreign language’ in their advertisements. However, very few motives are yet known about why advertisers use foreign language in their advertisements and therefore, this study aims to provide motives given by the advertisers and compares those motives with the motives from previous studies. Within this study, seventeen qualitative interviews have been conducted with advertisers to get to know about their motives, with the focus on the foreign language. Whereas previous studies only addressed the English language used within advertisements, this study looks from a wider perspective and includes all foreign languages used by the advertisers from the interviews in their advertisements. The interviews showed that the advertisers came up with sixteen different motives to use foreign language, of which ten motives coincided with previous studies and six were newly extracted. Some motives seem to coincide with previous studies because they were and still are most favourable for advertisers to use. This study ends with providing areas for future research, to help advertisers decide whether and why they should use foreign language within their advertisements.
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