Exploring the Role of Images in Organizational Communication about the Sustainable Development Goals on the Individuals’ Moral Legitimacy Judgments of Organizations A Study of the Oil Industry Student

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With the introduction of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) for 2030, sustainability has become of great importance for organizations in the oil industry. In addition, the way individuals judge organizations to be sustainable has shifted. This judgment is highly influenced by the way organizations communicate about their sustainability goals. This study developed a moderated model that focuses on the influence of different numbers of images in SDG communication on business administration students’ moral legitimacy judgments of organizations, as well as whether this is moderated by processing fluency and content credibility. This study focuses on the oil industry and the environmental SDGs. A survey of 113 Business Administration students was conducted as part of an online vignette experiment. According to the findings, using different numbers of images in SDG communication does not result in significantly different students’ judgments of organizational legitimacy. Moreover, it can be concluded that while content credibility is crucial when exploring students’ judgments of organizational legitimacy in the oil industry, processing fluency is not. The findings pave the way for further research on creating credible SDG communication using images and the effect on the moral legitimacy judgments of organizations.
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