Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 Fashion Show: The Body as a Cultural Object for Identity Formation and Body Inclusivity

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The themes of body, individuality, and inclusivity are gaining more recognition in the fashion space aiming to dissociate from stereotypical fashion advertising. Such stereotypes are the restricted range of sizes, which are connected to luxury brands and their reinforcement of certain beauty standards. These stereotypes raise issues in fashion as a discourse, resulting in new brands striving to reinvent the ideals of beauty. Beauty understood as aesthetic features, has become a more open-minded concept due to the changes being made in the fashion industry. This is why the central theme of this thesis is the body and the many connotations around it. The analysis will consist of looking at Rihanna’s lingerie brand called Savage x Fenty, which first launched in 2017. The brand gained a lot of attention due to its way of advertising using a streaming service, and its extreme focus on body inclusivity. Every launch, the brand aims to create a fashion show that is different from a traditional catwalk. The shows are streamed on Amazon Prime, making them accessible to the general public and Rihanna’s fan base. The fashion shows feature a concert-like element with performances, models, and artists of different shapes and sizes. The first show took place on September 12, 2018, but was not broadcasted, and did not have performances. The shows that followed, however, were streamed and had a wide variety of models and performers, and this is when the brand took off.
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