Fishing in Troubled Waters : Impact evaluation of conflict transformation projects on security and justice in Sri Lanka

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Over the past decade, numerous conflict transformation organisations have emerged, which aim to protect the civilians from conflict and to establish a more secure and just environment in (post) conflict areas. Despite many efforts, the extend of the impact of these organisations’ projects remains unclear. Do these projects really contribute significantly to more peaceful, just and safe communities? How do these projects affect the beneficiaries? In order to know if conflict transformation projects really contribute to more security and justice, it is important to evaluate their impact. By gaining knowledge and understanding of the projects’ effects, negative outcomes can be prevented in the future. Furthermore, impact evaluation can improve the legitimacy and credibility of conflict resolution work. This thesis will focus on the question “To what extend do, in the case of Sri Lanka, NGO conflict transformation projects for fragile states contribute to more security and justice?” By use of an impact evaluation framework, projects concerning security and justice will be evaluated in order to see if these projects in Sri Lanka have contributed to a safer and secure environment. In order to achieve this goal, this thesis will use a case study to evaluate the impact of two projects in Sri Lanka from the Dutch relief organisation Cordaid.
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