Loyalty beyond borders

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This thesis analyses and explains the unceasing loyalty of the NPP Diaspora members in the Netherlands to their homeland Ghana. It presents the electoral and non-electoral activities of the members during the national elections in Ghana. Based on the individual characteristics of the respondents of the research, this thesis confirms that the expectation to return to Ghana is one of the motivations to engage in transnational political practices. This thesis also explains how being member of the NPP Diaspora is perceived as a way to improve the lives of friends and family in Ghana. Being a member of the NPP is also a form of political socialization. Some respondents were born in a family of NPP members. Furthermore, the evidence in this thesis suggest that the relationship between the NPP Diaspora and Ghana reinforces the engagement in transnational political practices. Besides from facilitating the return of the NPP Diaspora members, the sending state also treats the NPP Diaspora members as if they are an extended part of the homeland. Aside from that, the NPP Diaspora members are perceived as important sources to gain foreign currency. With respect to scientific relevance, this thesis shows how developing states can use diaspora members as a tool to improve their position in the international system. Based on the research findings, this thesis also questions the way in which democracy and citizenship are defined. Although this analysis is based on a case study which is not generalizable, it does give answer to why integration processes do not always succeed
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