The Role of Schema (in)Consistency on Idea Generation: Does Personal Need of Structure moderate this relationship?

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Customer co-creation is a vital process for new product development. An efficient way of gathering ideas from customers is through internet as it allows firms to reach people from all over the world. By using internet, companies organize online idea contest to encourage customers to co-create with the firm and come up with a creative idea. However, it is not always easy for firms to gather creative ideas from the customers. Prior research shows that exposure to schema (in)consistencies enhance the creativeness and flexibility of ideas. Specifically, this study investigates the role of schema (in)consistencies on the quality (number of ideas) and quantity (creativeness) of idea generation. Moreover, Personal Need of Structure (PNS) of the customers is taken into account as a moderator of the relationship between schema exposure and idea generation for new product development. The results of this study indicate that there is no effect of schema (in)consistent pictures on idea generation. Furthermore, no moderation effect was found for PNS. However, it was found that PNS has a main effect on flexibility and the number of ideas generated. Thus, customers with low PNS are able to generate more flexible and higher number of ideas. An important implication of the results of this study is that customers with low PNS can bring additional value during the co-creation process.
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