Waste seperation: from non-complier to environmental fan? The results of the use of waste coaches at the municipality of Beuningen

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Dealing with waste is one of the biggest global issues of our time. Due to rising prosperity and growing consumption, the amount of waste is getting bigger and bigger. To reach a more circular economy, the municipality of Beuningen deployed waste coaches to monitor and guide the practice of waste separation among citizens. To execute the practice of waste separation, citizens need three elements; meaning, competence and material according to the social practice theory. All elements are considered as equally important. However, the intentions and the actual practice of waste separation sometimes differ from each other. A citizen that claims to be pro-environmental, can still make mistakes during the practice of waste separation. Therefore, errors are caused by malfunctioning material or the lack of knowledge. To optimize the practice of waste separation, the material need to work perfectly and citizens must have the right knowledge. To motivate citizens that do not separate their waste properly, the waste coach is used. Overall, the effect of the waste coach was quite effective to improve the quality of the separated waste. The waste coach was often seen as a street-level bureaucrat between the citizen and the municipality.
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