Researching the development of gastronomic tourism. The case of Naxos, Greece

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In a time of crisis the quest for reinventing the economy is intensified and adoption of appropriate reforms is at the epicenter of debate. Tourism is one of the fastest developing contributor of revenues yet a sector that also faces considerable challenges. In recent decades gastronomic tourism has drawn the attention of many destinations as an alternative form with favorable characteristics. A mature tourist destination, Greece, has yet to take advantage of this market segment despite its attested high potential. Drawing from a relatively underdeveloped, yet growing academic subject this research intends to find what lies under an unfulfilled potential from a case of a tourist region in Greece. A literature framework that identifies themes of importance for the development of this tourism niche helps to form a qualitative research with the participation of local restaurateurs, which constitute an important group of stakeholders with a conveniently wide perspective that spans from food production to tourism consumption and in addition are the main recipients of a regional initiative on gastronomic tourism. Results underline the importance of mentality, practices, cooperation among stakeholders and promotion but also their interconnectivity and thus provide valuable knowledge for tourism planning.
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