Incubators lead the way. The strategic value of cultural heritage as incubator in urban aera development

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The perspective of this research is redeveloped cultural heritage as area incubator in urban area development and gives insight in the factors which makes an incubator successful. An area incubator brings forth, steers or fastens a larger urban area development. Cultural heritage objects could make an area development more complex, but have potential to add value to the area. When the incubator function is successful, it could create types of temporary and permanent value such as providing identity or result in increased land values. However, the building technical and organizational complexity of redeveloping cultural heritage make these projects less attractive for commercial developers. They stick to their core business, while the municipality doesn’t recognize potential value of heritage. The social entrepreneur, a non-profit organization with the goal to preserve cultural heritage, acts in many cases as developer and problem solver. This stakeholder has experience with redeveloping heritage, attracting public funds and how to exploit the strategic value of cultural heritage for area development. The factors for incubator success differ, depending on the incubator type and the type of area development. The social entrepreneur turned out to be a crucial actor in these complex processes and projects.
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