Expressing my voice! A study into the relation between young people’s needs and opinions and the work of Bindkracht10’s youth professionals

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As processes of transformation and transition in the welfare- and youth domains are heading towards a society in which active participation is required, citizens are becoming more involved in plans and ideas concerning their neighbourhood. Young people seem not always included in this, while their voice is of great importance. This study looks into the relation between the voice of young people and the execution of youth (work) policy through the eyes of Bindkracht10’s youth professionals in Nijmegen. By researching both professionals and youngsters, this research digs deeper into the motivations of both groups. In conclusion there can be said that youth professionals are on the right track of involving and letting young people participate in matters that concern their neighbourhood, but some of their work still remains a ‘paper reality’ in which young people do not receive the proper feedback and evaluation moments to fully participate. A more forward approach of connecting with young people and communicating ‘good practices’ within the organisation, seem to be part of the solution for involving young people in a way visible to all and for all.
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