Pura Vida o Vida Dura? A research on the living condtions of male Nicaraguen migrants in Costa Rica and their future strategies

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Nicaraguan migrants form a great labor force for the Costa Rican economy. The government acknowledges their importance and adjusted the laws to make it easier for migrants to get a work permit and to advance their integration. However these changes have the opposite effect: integration deters and irregularity increases. Besides, obtaining a permit is an expensive and time consuming process that many migrants cannot pay for. This research focuses on male Nicaraguan migrants: how they experience their life as a migrant, what factors are enabling and restraining them and what future they pursue. The permits and its procedures are taken into consideration, alongside other social and economic factors that play a role in migrants’ lives. The outcomes show that family, love for Nicaragua, discrimination and labor are most important for their current life and future choices. Political factors are barely mentioned by Nicaraguan men and do not seem to affect the future strategy that much. It is thus questionable if Nicaraguan migrants will benefit from government measures and if they do, will that influence their decisions? Many see migration as a way of earning money in a short period of time after which they return back home to their families.
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