Designing pleasant stimuli for a visual noisetag BCI

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Visual noisetag brain computer interfaces (BCIs) are brain controlled devices that allow users to communicate or control other devices (e.g. a TV). These BCIs particularly give patients with certain forms of paralysis the opportunity to communicate and be independent. Unfortunately it can be annoying and exhausting to look at the ashing stimulus, currently used in these BCIs. This thesis aims to optimize the user experience of these BCIs by using moving textures as stimuli. Hoping to obtain a stimulus that increases pleasantness and decreases fatigue. To achieve this participants rated a collection of moving textures, and some interesting ones were tested on performance by integrating them in a visual noisetag BCI. Results show that although the moving stimuli are subjectively preferred over the ashing stimulus, they cannot maintain the high performance of the BCI with the ashing stimulus. Despite these ndings adding motion can still be promising to optimize the user experience of a visual noisetag BCI, but more research is needed on the generation and processing of the responses.
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