A study on the effects of explicit and implicit country of origin markers on attitude to the product, attitude to the advertisement, product quality evaluation and purchase intention

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It is a common practice for multinational companies to indicate the country of origin on products nowadays. There are several different ways to label the country of origin for a product using COO markers and these COO markers may be explicit or implicit. However, little research has been done analyse whether some COO strategies are more effective than others. This study aimed to find out the effectiveness of explicit and implicit COO markers in terms of attitude towards the product, attitude towards the advertisement, product quality evaluation and purchase intention. A total of 178 Dutch participants took part in this study. The study had a mixed design. The between-subject variable was COO markers (explicit and implicit) and the within-subject variable was the COOs Spain, France and Italy. The results showed that explicit and implicit COO strategies had no effect on purchase intention. However, explicit strategies were more effective than implicit strategies regarding product attitude, attitude towards the ad and product quality. In conclusion, these results provide insight to companies regarding which strategy they may use to promote their products.
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