Can care pathways be seen as “cookbooks” or not? A systematic review of the influence of the implementation of care pathways on the quality of work at hospitals

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This study provides insight into the relationship between the influence of how care pathways are implemented and the quality of work among hospital employees through a systematic literature review (Jahan et al., 2016; Ahn & Kang, 2018; Fink, 2019). As a result, the dimensions of the 3D model are described, along with their influence on the quality of work. The results highlight various choices regarding the implementation of care pathways regarding evaluation, motivation, adoption, integration, intervention structure, intervention technology, and intervention HR that affect the quality of work. This research contributes to the literature by focusing on a broader scope of the quality of work and implementation of care pathways compared to previous studies (Jack et al., 2003; Walker & Read, 2010; Bjurling-Sjöberg et al., 2013; Aarnoutse, 2015; Alawadi et al., 2016; Bjurling-Sjöberg et al., 2018; Jabbour et al., 2018; Reyneke et al., 2018). Furthermore, this research could provide insights into other healthcare institutions on improving the quality of work while implementing care pathways or improving the quality of work during another implementation. Moreover, this research has practical contributions to hospital staff, hospitals, civil society organizations, and the government.
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