Meaningful participation, Working towards solar energy justice. A case study analysis on different participation strategies applied in the land-based solar energy sector through an energy justice approach

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This research discusses the topic of participation in relation to solar park developments. The research applies an energy justice approach in order to analyse the different participation strategies solar park developers use during their developments. Participation is interpreted through an energy justice framework, which is applied in order to structure the modes that form meaningful participation to answer the following question: “What different participation approaches do land-based solar park developers apply and how can the idea of energy justice contribute to meaningful participation in order to realise fair and just development of ground-based solar park developments?” This research yields two important main conclusions: The first outcome shows that developers adapt their participation strategies depending on the concerns and needs of stakeholders. A meaningful participation strategy is able to shift towards the needs of the citizens. The second, relates to the relevance of participation during the development of municipal policy on solar parks. The findings suggest that stakeholders should be more closely and accurately involved in the policy development process beforehand.
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