Fan activism and a close community: a case study of German fan behaviour

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Football supporters are more and more seen as hostile, annoying, drunk and violent people. This research tries to shine a light on the positive things football fandom can bring. It thereby looks at how German fans behave both in- and outside the stadium. The goal of the research is to discover how German football fans engage and express themselves during football matches. The following research question has been made to try and fulfil this objective: How do German football fans express themselves, keeping in mind sociological and political characteristics? To answer the main research question, semi-structured interviews have been held, together with observations. Fans can be seen as heterogenous groups, which are highly engaged in social projects. Examples of social projects that are executed by fans are donations of money and clothing, collections of money and many more. Clubs also tend to donate money to local organisations that are doing a good job. Concludingly, German football fans behave in a pro-active and reactive way. They are highly engaged in politics and are highly aware of issues in society. Future research could try to involve a higher number of participants, or the research could be executed in another country.
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