MEAT THE FUTURE - Unraveling the discourses and corresponding discursive practices of consumers, supermarkets and producers towards the meat substitute industry in the Netherlands to explore further growth of the industry

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The meat substitute industry in the Netherlands is rapidly growing. Often the assumption is made that people purchase more and more meat substitutes to support a sustainable environment. Besides environmental concerns, research has shown that also other intentions could underly the support of meat substitutes. Therefore, this research has analyzed the different discourses and discursive practices of consumers, supermarkets and producers in the Netherlands towards meat substitutes. Understanding the discourses and corresponding practices can provide insights for further growth of the industry. Based on the analysis, it can be stated that the 'environmental' discourse is indeed most dominant among consumers and producers. For the supermarkets, the taste/flavor discourse has appeared to be the most dominant. However, it can also be concluded that other discourses towards meat substitutes, such as health price and the social context, have been of significant influence. For further growth of the industry, it is of significant importance that consumers agree more on how the meat substitute products should be developed: similar to meat or different? When this becomes clear, producers can subsequently better innovate their products, after which supermarkets can also respond to the trend.
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